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closed doors part 3[Chapt 11]
hello?- a door was knocked, me and tyler turned to the door at our lefts, the door opened and saw a head pop out from the other side, its mark... mark- i said, the blonde hair looked at our direction and made a smile, princess- he opened up the door, he got inside the room with some flowers in his hand and walking in our way, dustin and brian came in last and at the same time... mark sat down at the end of my bed and handing me the flowers, aw thx- i said, at least your awake now ellie- he scratched the back of his head, i smiled with the gift he gave me, there mixed flowers, white..yellow..purple and a red rose, i got no vase with me but ill take them home back with my death family, bet y'all heard the news right now- dustin said, yea we did- me and tyler said at the same time, well...... us 3 kind of told the reporters about it and..yea- mark said, really?!- i said, yea we have to tell the news cast about it and warn about not going around the grave yard at night time- dustin said, p
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closed path part 2[chapt 10]
previously on necromancy: i felt a cold presence behind me, its cold but... a sneak attack? hands and nails felt covered my mouth to not scream and dropped the book, i felt pressure, i cant scream, i got up and felt the left hand still on my mouth and now.. the right hand was on the top of my head, and with strength... the left hand was trying to snap me to my left.
⦁    brian landed in the commons in the dark, the street lamp is still lit up, im not sure wt time it is, but it might be like midnight somehow, he looked around and look straight and see the front gates of ambrose's office.... dang it.... its closed, even golem city is closed with no goards... wait.. the hospital.. its always open, brian turned around and headed up the street to golem city... the street is dark but at least the fair is still lit up, he was heading close to the tunnel and inside, seeing the light out of the tunnel, the hospital in his right is lit up, every building is lit off except the st
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hello?- a door was knocked, me and tyler turned to the door at our lefts, the door opened and saw a head pop out from the other side, its mark... mark- i said, the blonde hair looked at our direction and made a smile, princess- he opened up the door, he got inside the room with some flowers in his hand and walking in our way, dustin and brian came in last and at the same time... mark sat down at the end of my bed and handing me the flowers, aw thx- i said, at least your awake now ellie- he scratched the back of his head, i smiled with the gift he gave me, there mixed flowers, white..yellow..purple and a red rose, i got no vase with me but ill take them home back with my death family, bet y'all heard the news right now- dustin said, yea we did- me and tyler said at the same time, well...... us 3 kind of told the reporters about it and..yea- mark said, really?!- i said, yea we have to tell the news cast about it and warn about not going around the grave yard at night time- dustin said, plus no one of ours did not see the fight of the dead- brian pointed out, thats a relief- tyler said, for now on... theres now a rule say to not go to the haunted and dark cave at late night.. for now there is guards guarding at night- dustin said, nice- tyler said, well at the mean time.. were here to see if your ok- brian said, i wont be here that long brian... i got like 1-2 days left- i said, so wt is your condition actually?- he said, she does have a bit of a concussion on her spine and her cord but its not bad bad... just the taze touched her cord actually but not cracked or damaged- tyler explained, ah so your fine?- brian said, yea i guess... till i fainted in the haunted cave- i said with my eyes rolled to my right, mark started laughing all of a sudden, he was laughing remembering when i fainted infront of these guards of wizard city and for them they tried waking me up but i was out, mark saw me looking like a sleeping dead pumpkin in the ground without a move... it made him laugh, i gave him a blank stare, he saw me look at him and cleared his throat, he knew i might attack him with my ice magic, anyways!- mark said, so um... when are you getting your check up- dustin said, idk... its like wt?- i said, its 4 pm- tyler said, i dont remember how long was i asleep and idk when is my medication will come- i said, a knock was heard at my left, everyone turned to the door and the door opened and appeared a nurse, she had blonde and blue eyes and everything white, ms. ashbreath- she said, yes- i said, ah i see your awake- she said, im glad i did- i joked a bit, well your time to take your medicine will be after dinner and at 10- she said, ok thats good- i said, and right after your dinner is finished.. the doctors are gonna check on your scar to examine- she said, scar...- i said, yea since you got attacked.. he left you a scar on your back-tyler said, my eyes were on him... is it possible for an attack can leave you a scar, i think it might be big since i havent seen it, agreed- the nurse said, alright so the cafeterian ladies will bring your food for you, you can stay or go to the resting area to eat- she said, alright- i smiled, she backed up and opened the door and left the room, i smiled, so if you want to be alone we all can leave you know- brian said, um.... why wont you all eat with me at the rest area till dinner- i asked all 4, sure\ AUGHHHH- jesse screamed, its almost out- the man in dark said, how far is it ?- the men said, its on the flesh skin but i believe he is having a problem with his health- the man in dark said, thats odd.. before no one had health problems after their magic is off them-the men said, correct but this one is different- the man in dark said, wt did this guy do to be locked up?- the men put up jesse's arms, he summon the dead and opened the portal from the under world and used a human to make a swap with a dead soul- the man in dark said, oh god- they said, and using... the princess of the other worlds- the man in dark pulled his arm back getting the magic out of jesse again but this time... purple sparks is already on the hand a bit, kind of like smoke like clouds, purple actually, F--K- jesse reliefed, got some in hand and lets see how it is when i dont stop pulling- the man in dark said in a type goth way, the hand had a bit of magic from jesse and now pulling again, jesse screamed again... magic is coming out from his chest and purple, the dark man kept on pulling back away from jesse's chest but jesse started to gag to stop... the dark man looked at jesse gag.. and he stopped, this man in dark loves ellie... knowing someone will be the lost ancestor of the fallen child from the sky and never knew it would be a student from raven wood and also knowing the girl's family, especially wolf, ellie was something to him, since he heard about ellie ash breath being the fallen child from the sky, he would of wanted to meet her and support her, but with jesse using her for a sacrifacial ritual turn to a turn.... those images seeing in his head made him snap, his eyes snatched open and pulled his arm backwards and the whole...WHOLE storm magic from jesse's stored heart is finally out, jesse's eyes were wide open and breathless, he couldnt breathe, the man had the ball in his hand of a cloud storm, its smoky and purple, it sparks like fire works a bit but at least he got it out, jesse's eyes almsot rolled over, the men went over to the table at their left with some medical supplies, 1 got this mask and a blow up balloon and put the mask on jesse's face, he started to pump the balloon so it could give jesse some oxygen in his system, since the man in dark took his magic out harmfully, the men unlock those cuffs from the wall and carefully get jesse in their arms, he was weak to stand up, the man who had the mask in hand almost collapse on the ground of the weight of jesse's is falling towards him, the other got his back and grabbed him so the other can be free, the man in dark was at the far end of the wall holding the storm magic in his right hand with his black eye liner eyes looking at them 3 helping out the inmate to get up, just staring in a deadly way.
⦁    6:15pm: i was sitting on the sofa downstairs in the resting area with my plate resting on a table on my left, the lady brought me some crunchy chicken with some veggies and jelly with some water on the side, the guys were with me in a circle, they got food as well but differently, on my left there was dustin, on my right tyler, right besides tyler was mark and for dustin..brian, the chicken was sooo good i ate the crunch out of it, i dont like veggies but instead eat the cherry jelly, plastic fork and spoon on the plate too, picking on my hot boiled chicken and tongue burned, im not even done yet, i was enjoying my dinner with my buddies with me and being together again as a group.. in the golem hospital, this food is great- tyler said, i love the chicken- i said, i thought you like the tender like chicken in golem- dustin rose an eye brow, i swallowed the chunk, that too- i said, everyone laughed, they love when i randomyly crack a word, from the far end of the room where the entance is.. there were 2 people looking at the resting room for inmate patients.. and saw me all of a sudden, isnt that the princess?- the girl pointed at my direction, the boy looked and blinked.. i-i think so.. come on- the boy grabbed the girls arm and went in to the area, headed inside and middle till both reached where mark was sitting, mark felt like someone is behind him, he turned around and jumped a bit and saw 2 people, myself and the others turned ahead and saw the 2 people, princess??- the girl said, she was like wt?20 something years old and the boy is at the same age as well, they seem like there like balance schools but didnt knew i was hospitalized, oh man... im wearing a hospital dress thing on with some white slippers too, why are you here?- she asked, my eyes glued to the question she asked and looking at her, uhhhhhhhhhhhh.......-words spoke from my mouth, tyler blinked and covered me up, um.. we were in a mission- tyler said putting his food on the ground, huh- i turned to tyler with confusion, tyler put his left hand on my right shoulder and got me shrugged, well... we were in another world and... we got stumbled by enemies and one of attacked ellie from behind and got hurt badly so.. myself and the others beat the enemies down and brought ellie here for a check up if she is ok- tyler said, from wt he had said.... he lied, am i right guys?- tyler asked, yea!- mark stood up with his plate holded on with his hand, uh.. yea it was bad- brian gotten along, i healed her a bit when we left the area and back here- dustin said, i tried not to laugh but i chuckled a bit as the strangers still with us, oh...- the girl said, but im fine actually- i said, at least your safe your highness- the boy stepped up, i smiled, i..i guess we'll get going now- the girl backed a bit, see ya- tyler waved, dustin looked at the boy and girl when they were about to turn... oh and-dont tell no one that she's here- dustin spoke up, the girl stared at dustin like she is some type of spell, she backed up and headed out... the boy followed her behind... i blinked, arent you gonna finish your dinner till your medicine arrives?- dustin said to me, oh uh... i turned to the table and grabbed the plate and placed it on my lap; 6: 50pm: lets see here.... the doctor touched the lower back of mine checking how my wound is, i havent seen it yet and there is no mirror here.. except the bath room mirror here, i feel the rubber touch of his gloves run down my skin, the doctors know about the incident with jesse but everyone here and the guards kept their promise to not tell no one why im here ask why am i here as a patient, its getting better actually.. no bumps nor broken bone at all- the doctor backed up, really- i said, yes and how does your head feel?- he asked, im fine actually- i answered, had you forgot any memories from wt happen or today?- he asked, not really- i said, ok- he said, she took her medicine a couple of min. ago- the nurse said, good good- he said, so doc. how long will i be here?- i asked turning to him on my right, i was laying down on my stomach in the bed, you would be released maybe tomorrow after noon probably but ill send some pharmast medicine in the front of the hospital- the doctor said, oh that great- i said, yes.. rest for now and we'll bring your night medicine- he said, ok thank you- i said.
⦁ the next day in the wiz city prison: hey stormriven you got a visitor- one of the guards banged the bars of jesse's cell, jesse was laying down on his bed facing the bricked wall on the left, he had orange suit on and his hair short, when a prisoner had long hair, they have to get their hair cut off, so jesse got his hair shaved, steps came to the cell and stopped, jesse- a familar voice came out, jesse turned to his right with the voice of the person who called him out, he got up and turned and saw him... his dark eyes clicked on the man of all death, you- jesse said on the end of the bed, storm lord- wolf said with his arms behind his back, my father was wearing a black sweat shirt with some black jeans and combat boots on, everything black and some eye liner as well, his hair was silk back and his expression is shadowy, wt are you doing here- jesse said, i came here to see how you doing- wolf respond, jesse went over to the bars and both his hands hold the cold black bars facing his betrayal friend, jesse breathes.. how is ellie your daughter- jesse said it in a low voice, wolf's head went back a bit and his eyes narrowed to jesse's eyes with quite a question he asked, wolf doesnt know how im the ancestor of the solstice and have royal parents and most of all.... human parents, i just got my wife preganat and when my daughter is now in her teens.. she was the ancestor- wolf said, impossible- jesse said, it is... didnt you learn that it said that the royal child had a baby while he or she died- wolf said, jesse's eyes widen, wt if that baby was my daughters line of ancestry- wolf backed up and smiled, jesse's eyes grew open, the thing wolf said... got jesse's nerve, wolf went to his right and exits the outside cell and down the hall, jesse was screaming out the hall to wolf of how he is still gonna get his hands on him and sarah.. now saying sarah is the real victim not jesse, sarah killed someone and it was a family member, no one even discovered that a student killed someone.. but never know or report, but for jesse... he is yelling the truth, the liar is always the ashbreath's, how can a princess like ellie be in child with death guardians, but the only thing that i cant escape... i lost my magic... and most: im stuck here for 30 yrs till im out.
⦁ the next day: here you go- the nurse handed me a bag of medicine, i was in the front of the desk of the entrance of the hospital, i got like 2 bottles of medicine, 1 medicine for healing of the spine and pain, floors white and everything white, couches and chairs and everything, thank you- i said, got my medicine ready and went out of the hospital at last... freed... outside the doors and infront i see my mother, she is wearing a top with skull sign design and some black shorts, she had boots on that has laces and her hair up, i think she is hot since its getting warm, hi mom- i said with a smile, your finally out- sarah said, i approached to her and gave her a hug, she hugged me back as well, how you feeling?- she asked, im feeling alright- i said back, thats good.. you worried me when you were inside the hospital- she said, mom... im fine i got medicine- i said, i backed up and faced her, i see her into her eyes is just... regretted and sadenned.. her pale face and dark eyes shows it all, mom... dont feel bad- i said, her eyes started to water... i knew she was gonna break down, i put her back into my arms till i hear her break down.. in tears.. in my arms, i rub her back and let her emotions flow since its only us at the hospital, other people are at the shopping streets, no one can see us from far... at last im alone with my mother in hands with me, ever since i left town cause of aunt jenna cause me to leave and feeling sad and frustraited.. but now i know why she had to kill her.

till next chapter: new opening #12
closed doors part 3[Chapt 11]
this is a short one, i woke up in the hospital and it been said that i did got a concussion on my spinal cord but i did not get hurt, it wasnt bad bad the attack but the doctors and guards know about it but promises to not tell, my father faced his old friend in prison and now magic-less and now i confronted by my mother again...and now united
previously on necromancy: i felt a cold presence behind me, its cold but... a sneak attack? hands and nails felt covered my mouth to not scream and dropped the book, i felt pressure, i cant scream, i got up and felt the left hand still on my mouth and now.. the right hand was on the top of my head, and with strength... the left hand was trying to snap me to my left.

⦁    brian landed in the commons in the dark, the street lamp is still lit up, im not sure wt time it is, but it might be like midnight somehow, he looked around and look straight and see the front gates of ambrose's office.... dang it.... its closed, even golem city is closed with no goards... wait.. the hospital.. its always open, brian turned around and headed up the street to golem city... the street is dark but at least the fair is still lit up, he was heading close to the tunnel and inside, seeing the light out of the tunnel, the hospital in his right is lit up, every building is lit off except the street lights, brian went to the route where it leads to the hospital; he got inside the hospital and sees women in the counter looking at their attention to brian, can i help you?- the woman said[she was wearing all white], i need guards and polices plz- brian said steps away from the counter, wts wrong?- the woman got up, nurses and assistance went over to brian, something is happening and its about ellie- brian explained, wait wait... the princess is in trouble.. with wt?- the lady said, brian palmed his head, someone is sacrificing her- brian said, what... isnt that sacrificial spell banned and forbitten to use for death schools- one of the assistant dr. said, its a very long story but plz.. call any guard to come to the haunted cave, but my other friends are over here- brian said, im on it- the same lady went to the phone and called, i hope nothing bad is going on/ the items dropped to the ground feeling pressure around me, i tried grabbing who is in a hold on me... but i cant touch, i gagged and tried to fight back, but at the same time.. the person who is holding me.. is the same temperature as me, cold skin... but.. not human, i scense negative around me, killing my positive, i shut my eyes and scream for help, HELLLPPPPPP- i yelled, a laugh has heard by my ear, this voice is not good, but like rebel, sweety!- sarah yelled, sarah rushed to my stand but.. i fell on the ground like this thing around me letting me free and felt its energy rush at my right side and marching.... towards my mother... i looked and saw the figure, the figure was transparent, like i can stick my hand through the head, its a spirit alright, sarah stopped, claws were sharpen on the hands of jenna, her smile shows sharp teeth and eyes were red, her hair is messy and straight but seem like she havent brushed her hair lately, sarah stopped and brought up her arm up as armor and the attack hit the death magic boned arm she got, she didnt got a scratch from jenna[fact: demons can scratch people], then jenna growled.. sarahh....- she said, sarah put her arm down and her eyes widen, oh no.. she return from the dead, she cannot speak seeing her dead sister return from the dead but worse that im here infront of them, im in shock, thats how jenna look like, she does look like mom really but her style is different but she is like demon, i cant believe that you had a kid before you killed me sarah- jenna said, you little c--t - sarah pointed at her sis, call me wt ever you want sis but since im here.. i finally get to see you.. jenna flew back as a misty fog and pass through my body and form again behind me, her right hand was on my right shoulder.... i can feel her sharp nails dig on my skin, and the other hand... was under my chin.. her finger was touching my side of the cheek and her thumb pressing on the other cheek, cold hands but disturbed.... and meet my niece- jenna misted her words and feeling those cold words touch my cheek, sarah's eyes widen in shock, then grew anger, she flew her feet up and above the ground, i see her come in and duck myself down till her skeletal armor grab jenna's hair with her nails and push her off from me, jenna's hands were off from me.. but i fell down ahead and i felt a sting under my chin, i been scratched by a demon.

wolf block the storm off from jesse, jesse shoot out more magic out of his hands, he still want to kill wolf to get his hands on me, jesse did the impossible and he brought back a dead soul back to reality, you betrayed me and lied to me wolf- jesse points to wolf, like wt! steal my daughter and hurting her?[his tone changed]- wolf said, maybe that- jesse said with his purple eyes sharp on his, i never lied to you, not even once- wolf slashed his bone dragon crawls down as jesse dodged the move, of really.. then why did you kill my girlfriend jenna- jesse said, wolf's eyes surprised wt he had heard, jesse got it, jesse stood up, i knew it- jesse said, wolf gulped... he remembered that the one who killed her was.. his wife... and herself is fighting her sister, he made a shock ball on both hands holding it and threw it at wolf's direction, wolf see it coming.. he made a shield with both arms cross as an x and it hit... wolf flew back and landed on his back, he did got hurt with both arms, wolf cant say that sarah killed jenna cause if he did.. she is in more trouble... she cannot handle 2 people at once... i need to keep it silent till the truth comes.
i got up and touched my chin, i checked my hands and see a bit of blood, but i cannot see how bad is the scratch, the scratch felt like the same pain as paper cut.. which it hurts bad, but in my mind i want this to stop, maybe i can find answers, can it? i look up and see my items on the ground, i crawled up and got the heart in hand and the book infront of me, i opened the book as it was book marked, i stopped at the page but that page i touch... it burned me like how it happened with the front cover of the book, its like i burned myself with the handle of the pan, but i layed my hand to the ground to cool off, i read the passages and guides and then i felt something fall down my nose, it was a nose bleed, why am i getting these symptoms coming in like this since im in form, i look at the end of the page and i bled more, tears were coming down like i hit allergy season... god..... i tried to keep myself steady to find something to stop this nonsence, i thought of one, but im like gushing things off from me, my eyes and nose, i hope i dont bleed my eyes out, then im in trouble, ugh... i collapsed, my head on the book and arms down, i shook my right arm and rose it a bit, i rose it and made it to fist, i unleashed a spell, show me a page to vanish a spirit back to its world- i said outloud, the book aura turned from red to blue as i used my ice magic, the book flipped pages till it stopped to the page where i said wt i want to see, i scense the book calling me that telling me "i found your answer" i sniffed a bit but i kinda drawn some blood back inside my nose but i looked up, when i looked at the page, no more bleeding or tearing, this page is calm, serenity and peace, i see the page and i can under stand wt its saying but this page... is to put back the bad spirits back to its dark world, and to do that.... it require the name and "magic" wt kind of magic? i dont under stand wt i meant by magic, wt kind, it cannot be dark magic since im full of blue, but dark magic is for like jenna and the witch craft, i had to do is i went back to the previous selection and went back to the sacrifacial page, i went back and started the symptoms again, bleeding and eyes watering, i looked at the other page and see a picture of a person with a circle around it, this one is sacrifice, but wt things it needed to use this, it say:
1. the circle can be drawn with chalk or salt
2. have a human or animal and kill it or not and have it inside the circle
3. say the passages in order or if misspelled the suffering will haunt you forever
4. if the sacrifacial ritual dont work or have enough power, use an object with much power to continue
"that part got me"
"did jesse used my crystal heart and my magic to summon jenna"

⦁ how did jenna die! i know its between you and sarah- jesse put his foot on wolf's chest with his finger pointing at wolf's face, why would i say it!- wolf responded, jesse stomped on wolf's chest, if you dont get the answer then ill ask my dead gf- jesse said, NO- sarah yelled, jenna is mostly a liar but jesse asking her wt happen, she is gonna lie to her own bf that she died from this and that and sarah had to stall her not to get near jesse\ myself returned to the page to do the vanishing spell and the book say i need magic to vanish it, i used my magic and said: wt kind of magic to use to vanish bad spirits... the book shown a passage with the glow of my color shown me, i looked at it and it say it can use any magic if weak... use object that is strong enough to open the portal to the spirit world, i can use my ice magic... and at the other hand, im thinking of using my crystal heart if in case jenna has much of a power, i read the passage and see wt are the instructions to do this portal gateway... it says that i need to get the name of the spirit..even the last name since im gonna have a huge problem with it, i thought of ashbreath... but i think its not correct.. my dads name is ashbreath.. how can i get aunt jenna's info? second it says that i need to read the passage since its 2 passages and release and concentrate on my magic to make the opening, but it doesnt say where would it appear, but for now... i need to get close to my mom and ask her or my dad/ move!- jenna tried to push her goth sister off to get her way to jesse, your not!- sarah said, she grabbed the left arm of jenna's arm and threw her back further back of the grave yard and away from wolf and jesse's fight, jenna layed on her back but then.... she sank down the ground and started flying under ground going to the boys direction, oh no!... "mother".... a voice came to the mind of sarah's, its ellie who is speaking, mom... wts jenna's full information- i said.... why?- sarah said back, im going to stop her- i said... sarah flinch back... ok ok- sarah said/ oh jesseeeee- a voice appeared, oh no- wolf said, jenna?- jesse said looking at his left at the ground, ite me dear..- jenna floated up to the surface, wolf's eyes widen when her body is present where both himself and jesse were standing, his foggy eyes were shocked, he got the foot on his chest from jesse, he cant move or try to escape, when did jesse started working out? jenna..- jesse let go of wolf and headed to jenna, jesse grabbed both jenna's hands looking at each other, both were happy that there seeing each other again since for long back when jenna wasnt around, jesse i missed you- jenna said, i know but.. i have to ask you something- jesse said, jenna lean her head back a bit and lightly smirked, wt is it- she said, who killed you- jesse said, NOO- wolf got up, dont listen to her jesse! she is a liar to us all- wolf got up, why do you care! since you made a lie about not having kids with sarah- jesse yelled, i wanted kids and that time wt you meant by me saying im never having kids.. it was a lie.. i was drunk when we went out to drink- wolf said, wt so ever plus were not even buds since you killed my girlfriend- jesse said, I NEVER KILLED HER- wolf yelled, then who did!- jesse said with his body turned around facing where wolf is standing, i did- sarah said, wolf turned to face sarah at his right shocked and surprised, jesse's mouth dropped and shocked looking at sarah, sarah breathe in relief and regret that she spoke out, she spoke out jenna's true killer, i did- she said again, jesse walked up a bit where sarah was standing, how can you be the killer when your the innocent one- jesse said, you may think that my husband is the one who lies and myself- sarah points out, saying yourself your the killer makes me want to blame on him more since i believe your never a killer- jesse said, i said i did! the only liar in here is her- sarah pointed at jenna, the spirit of jenna flip back but makes herself a rebel like pose, ah- you think im the liar- jenna put her hands on herself and smiled, ya your the liar here since you made the cheat- sarah said, jenna flinched hearing the sound of the word "cheat" Enough for her to notice, wt cheat.. dont bull s--t me- jesse stepped up, oh you didnt heard.. my little lying sister di- sarah was cut off, dont listen to her hon' she is trying to make wolf not the villain here- jenna said.. she put her left hand on jesse's right shoulder right beside him, oh really.. you dont remember how i badly.. used my weapon.. stabbing you once.. then twice.. again and again... for being a total cheater and a horrible sister to me- sarah said, lies.. your making yourself stupid saying those things to your oldest sister- jenna said, oh really wt about the time i killed you when your trying to go on with my 'husband'- sarah snapped, jesse flick back blinking, he felt confused and lost and a bit pain, is this real or just a lie, he came back to earth and confront, she would never cheat on me!- jesse said, then explain this- sarah stepped up to jesse and appeal a orb of dark magic, jesse dont know wt sarah is showing him but it opened up like some hologram......

jesse looked at it and seen an image:[story is from intro 2]".........jenna???.... sarah yelled, she turned and wolf did too, what??? 2 sarah's? wolf looked at sarah and jenna, YOU SON ON A- sarah jumped on jenna and put her down the ground, she threw punches at her but jenna fought back, both were anger at each other but sarah was mostly in heat,jenna got ontop of sarah and grabbed her black hair and slammed her head back down the ground, she blacked a bit but threw jenna to her left and got ontop and got her hair and slammed her harder on the ground, wolf cannot know wts going on, he sees 2 sarah's fighting each other.. i had enough sis-sarah said, she grabbed her sword[her weapon] from her waist, jenna looked at her sister, i had enough of being blamed just to cover your dirty tricks and now your stealing my fiance from me! sarah rose her voice, sarah plz i can explain-jenna said, no buts sis.. sarah got her weapon in hand on her right hand, she got up on her feet and look down, sis... jenna said, her weapon was at target, your not my sister anymore-sarah said".. jesse blinked and looked at sarah.

jenna backed up shocked that she was exposed, this is wt happened- sarah closed her hand and backed up; from afar.. i got up with the book on my right hand and the heart on my left, my knees connected together as i stumble to be up from my attack, heels on and blue, my eyes looked up and saw all 4 together, oh no... i think my mother told jesse the truth and seeing jenna's reaction of shocked... i turned to my 3 friends, dustin, mark and tyler still stand without a fight.. i look at them and dustin saw my attention, i knod my head and turned to the 4 infront; jesse turned to jenna, his expression is anger, betrayal and sadness, jesse..i- jenna put both hands up, his eye brows went down, you.. tried going with WOLF- jesse's voice rose up, this time: jenna was f----d'
i shoot out a snow blast out to my family and jesse and the ghost, that ghost of my aunt can feel anything, she is no ghost she is something else, my mother and father flew back and landed on their backs, jesse and jenna flew at the opposite side like my parents flew, it was cold for my parents and jesse as well, they dont know who attacked them, my mother turned and saw me stumble walking towards them with the book in arm and the heart, sweety?- sarah said, wolf turned to my attention as well, no more blabering.. for my aunt.... she has to go- i said with my glowing blue eyes.
i open the book infront of me with my hands on the chapter of the spell and banish jenna out of this world and go back to her own resting world... the under world, the crystal heart glows like diamond shine as i unleash my blue magic from the object and now eyes on the passage: i read the passage and things started from being dark and uncomfortable... to getting bit by bit positive light in my stand, the crystal brights more and myself glow blue, jenna at the other hand.. got up and her eyes went wide open hearing the spell of banishing bad spirits and she had to stop me, 1 passage down and gone to the 2nd, jenna got up and got into her feet and started running to my direction... jesse was still knocked out from the snow blast... i felt energy coming my way and i looked a bit and see her run towards me, SWEETY- my parents yell, but it didnt stop there... she fell down and felt a hand on her left ankle, jenna turned to its left and saw her leg being grabbed on, no!- jenna yelled, she got up with her other leg and that leg.... was grabbed as well, claws were dug inside her soul feeling the pain of herself and anger grew on her looking at me as i was infront of her, YOU- jenna growled, more hands came out from below as where jenna was standing..... a blackish and redish glow under her feet opened a portal and all these arms were coming out and grabbing jenna from arms, legs, and shoulders, you will never beat me!- jenna breaks out from the demon arms, she tries to get her way towards me with her claws out but she couldnt get near me, i can- i said showing my crystal heart infront of her and glowing more bright, the arms of the hole grabbed jenna again from the legs and pull her down where it came from, sarah and wolf were shocked seeing wt there witnessing... a banish spell used by their own daughter.
dustin felt something coming in to the haunted cave, it seems like its brian and the guards he promised to bring, he turned to his left and turn to tyler, tyler- dustin said, wt?- tyler said, i think brian is coming... go over at the entrance and guide them- dustin said, on it- tyler step back and turned to the back and headed to south of the haunted cave and to the streets; jenna was laying on her stomach trying to get up.. all these arms and hands holding her down, dragging her to the hole its taking her, she used her own muscle and try to get these arms off from her, her eyes aiming to me in anger, she wanted me, she wanted my body and proclaim as hers, her hand was free and reached up, i will get you and your family WHAT THEY DONE WITH ME AN- jenna said as i interrupted her, sayonara.. auntie- i said, i closed the book completely and headed to her, i kicked her as she uncontrolled herself, the arms and hands grabbed her and slid her now: into the black hole and heard a yelling when she fell back into her world, an echo of her screaming down and closed the hole with a blue like spark out, i looked up and remembered.... the book.... MAARKKKKK!!!!- i yelled at my left, mark from afar headed towards me when i called him, CATCH- i yelled, mark's brown eyes woken up, i threw the book with my right hand[i throw things with my right hand] and headed towards the blonde.... back at jesse: he woken up and saw the book flying towards the blonde male, jesse knew something is gonna happen next, NOOOOO- jesse yelled as he got up, half way it was thrown and got on hold of mark, he got both hands on both sides of the book, he looked straight to us, seeing jesse as well coming in, he unleashed flames out from his palms, the flames were reaching from the front and back, and then it burst into fire when it touched the pages, mark's brown eyes sharpen and now a smile showing those teeth to jesse, jesse stopped half way where mark standed and then at the next.... his purple eyes turned back to his normal colored dark eyes, from behind mark... he heard dustin and the others, he heard people and running, he turned around and dropped the burning book, the guards are here, this fight was over.
⦁ hold it right there!- one of the guards headed towards jesse, the others came in and checked on the death parents, 2 came towards me as i was standing crooked, are you alright my dear?- the guard said on my left, yes..i-im fine- i said, are you injured?- the other said to my father, im fine sir- wolf got up, wt happened here- the main guard said, its a long long story...- sarah stepped up, 2 guards got jesse hang cuffed behind his back and now back into his feet, his face was angry since he is caught, another guard was at the spot where mark stood and saw the burned book, he got a staff in his right hand and can smell the scent of burnin, it was a book for real, its half way burned, all 4 guys were right besides the tower who guards the cementary and waited, the guard poked the burned object and opened it, he felt a heart beat punch in him when he opened the burned book, he jumped back in scare.... is that?- he said, all heard a scream from behind, it wasnt a scream of something creeping me behind, but a scream of pain, i turned back to my own self, human ellie but i collapsed on the ground of pain i dropped my crystal heart to the grass and my left arm behind my back holding on my back, the part jesse attacked me on my spine... it hurts way more than being in form, this pain was taking over my body and felt weak... weak that i lost my vision and now off my vision.
i woke up in a cold room, i was sleeping on my left with a blanket around me, i stretched myself and my vision went back to reality, hey..- a voice was called, huh..- i turned and saw tyler right besides me... his blue eyes attached to my brown eyes with a face of missbelief, tyler..- i said, i tried getting up to get close to tyler but he push me down, rest princess- tyler said, wt happen- i asked, he scratched the back of his head and sat on my bed closer to me, my ears are all open wt he has to say, you fainted back in the grave yard when the guards got you.. the guards arrested jesse and sentence in prison... we told the head master wt happen and the under world and the sacrifice and all that... the head master was gonna send a message to all wizard city citizens about wt happen but not mentioning jesse's name or yours, just a warning to not go to the graveyard late at night- tyler said, i blinked, how long was i here?- i asked, you been here for like 2 days now.. the doctors were examining your attack and x-ray you... he say you did got damage.. jesse damaged your spinal corn just a bit but nothing else, but you got a scar actually- tyler said, i gasped, i got up and turned myself around and check it to myself but.. trying to turn myself.... i got pain, dont push yourself ellie.. you need some rest.. the nurse is gonna check your spine and give you medicine- tyler said, my eyes were soothing towards him, but at least i came to see you- tyler said as he lay his hand on my right shoulder, i was in a room maybe in the 3rd floor in the golem hospital, sheets were white, the bed white, gray floors and infront of me was a table with a sink and supplies if something happens to me, a tv was on the wall with the news on... nothing actually going on... tyler turned and heard something from the speakers of the tv, i heard a low volume coming out from the tv that got my attention when the woman on the front desk saying "grave yard"... tyler got up and headed to the tv, he looked at the bottom of the tv and see buttons to press, he found the volume and press the + button to put the volume up:
-a male suspect has been arrested last night due to some type of crime he commited, the reporters say this male has been doing magic in the grave yard since it forbitten to use but not telling who was he with but at least he is behind bars, the male suspect is gonna be in prison for 30 yrs-
wow- i said, yea jesse is in prison as ambrose said- tyler said, wt about master ambrose- i said, well... ambrose told me for anyone doing those sacrifacial stuff and get caught.. you will lose your magic and get locked up- tyler said heading back to my bed, geez.... so how would jesse lose his magic then- i said, tyler sat down and layed down right besides me on my left side, i moved myself to the right to give him room to lay with me, the painful way...- tyler said.

screams came out from the locked up room, the door is made of metal and a small little opening in the top of the door, it came louder and louder, the opening seen a purple like glow coming out from the room where jesse is at, its not a cell, its a cell for a special talk for prisoners, but this one.... is different, a zoom inside the room... there was a window, light was coming out and to the left, jesse's wrist were hand cuffed on the bricked white wall restrained and in pain, he was sweating and feeling hot at the same time when these men were right beside him and holding on to his arms and legs, a man infront of him with nothing but dark clothing[he is a worker for the prison and cop, he work on death magic but not the darkness of all, he doesnt worship the devil or all that, but he is working in the prison of the rule the city stated about sacrifice is forbitten] hands were still infront of him with a grab, magic is not out yet, he tries again as jesse was done resting, the man in dark pulled his arm back slowly and then jesse screams again in pain, his storm magic is all stored in his heart and now its taken it out, wt a strong guy you are- the dark man said, jesse's dark eyes opened looking at the dark man, he has the anger expression but not done out of the magic.... the man stopped and let jesse rest again, not yet, but its on the rib cage right now- he said..... this will take a while.

till next chapter: closed doors part 3
closed path part 2[chapt 10]
the end of the battle between me, jesse and jenna, i was facing jenna and my mother was fighting her trying to get her away from me, i had the sacrifice book with me and when i tried looking at it..... i got side effects from it, i looked at banishing spirits and used my magic to vanish my aunt till things happen, jenna made lies to jesse till my mother told jesse the whole truth but it turned when i made my way and call upon my magic and opening the hole and portal to my aunts world....[there will be a part 3 cause i had to cut this one out... idk why but it wont be long for part 3]


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